Martha has a vision of Jack

Tony’s nearly finished Jack’s boat. Rachel suggests he get Martha to help. Martha asks Hugo to go for a drive but he’s busy. Rachel sees that Martha’s in a bad way but she won’t say why. Tony tells Martha the boat is ready to launch. Martha admits to Hugo she doesn’t want to go and celebrate. Hugo persuades her to go, giving her a bottle that Tony gave him. They launch the boat and Martha has a vision of Jack. Tony and Rachel are back on track and Tony has found peace.

Nicole tells Roman that Trey tried to kiss her. He encourages her to make up with Geoff but Nicole knows that Geoff will just get angry. Trey calls Nicole a tease but Joey comes to her defence. Joey asks Nicole out on a date – she thought Nicole was gay, because Freya kissed her. Nicole says no, leaving Joey humiliated. Geoff’s annoyed Nicole keeps attracting this attention.

Charlie sees Joey looking forlorn. Nicole tells Aden that Joey’s a lesbian. Aden tells Joey he knows she’s gay and encourages her to press charges against Robbo. She refuses, worried about her brother’s reaction. Aden brings Charlie to see Joey and Charlie encourages her to press charges. Joey agrees. But Robbo sees Charlie with Aden and Joey…

*Showing on RTE One, Friday March 27*

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