Shattered Henk tells Martha he is HIV positive, and confides his worries about Cassie and the baby. Not wanting Cassie to go through three days of hell waiting for blood test results, Henk asks for Martha’s help. Going along with Henk’s plan, Martha tells oblivious Cassie that they must have blood tests done for work. During drinks to celebrate Roman becoming a business partner in the Diner, romance lingers between Rachel and Roman. But their first kiss is interrupted by the news that Reverend Hall has escaped from hospital. At Jack’s request, Tony stays with Rachel and Sam to protect them. Seeing how concerned Tony is, Sam suggests to Rachel that Tony has a crush on her. Rachel tries to shrug it off, but realises she might indeed have a romantic situation on her hands. Jack and Roman warn Irene about Hall’s escape, and Roman stands guard over Annie and Geoff despite their protests. Annie tells Geoff that she thinks Reverend Hall might be praying at Stewart’s Point and suggests going and convincing him to go back to hospital. Although Geoff thinks they should leave it to the police, Annie later sneaks out to find Reverend Hall herself… *Showing on RTE One, Tuesday March 11* VIDEO: Watch Home and Away highlights here