Martha is relieved to find farm hand Claudia Hammond to help out. It turns out she went to primary school with Geoff. When Nicole shows up on the farm in a glamorous outfit, Claudia wonders who she is. Nicole tells Geoff that Belle’s got a drug problem and Annie’s found out. Geoff is furious and rushes home to see Belle. He has a right to know what’s happening in his own house. He takes Annie and they stay at the farm for the night.

Meanwhile, Nicole is worried about Roman. She talks to Geoff about it and confides to Martha that she feels Geoff is more than just a friend. Nicole asks Geoff to dinner to talk, but he’s got too much on. When Geoff heads off with Claudia, Nicole’s jealous.

Rachel and Tony’s wedding plans are in full swing. Rachel is concerned about going ahead with it while Roman’s in hospital, but Martha tells her life must go on. Tony struggles with the lighting in the marquee. Rachel sees this as a bad omen. But when the job’s done, she’s overwhelmed with joy.

Annie is upset about learning Belle’s an addict. She snaps at Belle for lying to her, saying that she thought she had a virus.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday May 4*

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