While Alf, Ric and Matilda prepare for Sally’s homecoming party, Morag tells Alf about her row with Martha. Alf is furious, and heads over to the Surf club to have it out with Martha, insisting she apologise to Morag at Sally’s party.

Ash urges Martha to go to Sally’s party, telling her he’s not seeing his wife and kids tonight. Martha heads off, but unfortunately for Ash, Jack has overheard their conversation and lays into Ash, telling him he won’t let Martha get hurt. Meanwhile at Sally’s party, Rocco is relieved to hear that Sally still remembers nothing about the night of the stabbing.

Martha turns up and informs Alf she has no intention of apologising to Morag, before she’s surprised to be confronted by the recently arrived Jack who pleads with her to end things with Ash. Later, Martha is furious when she discovers Alf has blabbed to everyone about Ash’s secret life and emotionally announces to her family that she’s moving out.

Rachel asks Kim when they’re going to have a discussion about his baby, and Kim promises he’ll keep her involved in the future. However, she’s upset to learn from Tony that Kim isn’t at Kit’s ultrasound and sends him off to the hospital.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday April 16*