Despite Tony and Rachel’s reservations, Jack insists on talking to the police without a lawyer. Jack avoids the traps in Ross Buckton’s questions, but can’t avoid the alcohol-induced holes in his own story. Convinced that Jack and Martha murdered Sam, Ross gets the forensic tests back and swiftly arrests Martha.

Determined to prove Martha’s innocence, Morag drives Geoff to the city to visit Rory, hoping he will reveal to Geoff that Sam visited him before her murder. Rory ends up admitting that Sam did visit, but hurt, he turned her away. Later, after hearing about Martha’s arrest, Morag heads straight to the police station and tells Ross Buckton that she knows who really killed Sam…

Ric arrives back from the fight, bruised but high on victory. He tells Noel he’s not interested in fighting again, but it’s clear he’s tempted. Matilda is horrified to see Ric’s condition, and jumps to the conclusion that he got into a fight with Drew in the city. Ric plays along with her, but when he hands over his share of the furniture cash to Miles, he lies that he and Drew won it at the casino. Miles agrees not to tell Matilda and it seems Ric has got away with it.

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