Martha is grief-stricken

Martha sits beside Jack in hospital. The two of them reflect on their lives together and declare their undying love for each other. But the devastating reality is that the conversation is all in Martha’s imagination and she is talking to Jack’s lifeless body. It seems she can’t accept her husband’s death. After rejecting Roman’s attempts at comfort, it all gets too much and Martha eventually breaks down to Tony. They cling on to one another as Martha sobs in Tony’s arms. How will they ever be able to deal with Jack’s death?

Belle is recovering from the burns she sustained in the fire at the school formal, and the rest of Summer Bay is reeling from the tragic events surrounding Kane’s car crash. Kane is still unconscious after surgery and, sick with worry, Kirsty keeps a vigil at his bedside.

Miles is left wondering where he stands and what Kirsty’s true feelings are. He confides in Roman that if Kane pulls through, he fears he may have to let Kirsty go. When Kane wakes up, Kirsty throws her arms around him, overcome with relief. Could Miles be right – will Kane’s brush with death change Kirsty’s mind about who she wants to be with?

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday February 4*

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