Martha is saddened by Colleen’s disapproval

Martha is upset by Colleen’s reaction to the news that she and Hugo are dating. Martha and Hugo decide to have a break and visit Gina in the city.

Miles, Bartlett and Palmer look for Jai and Annie just before nightfall, leaving Kirsty in charge of the students. Xavier can’t tell Miles about Jai’s wound and the adults fail to find Jai and Annie. Nicole and Trey have a moment at the campsite but when he tries to kiss her she rebuffs him. When Palmer and Bartlett return, Kirsty tells them what Trey has done. The sun goes down and Jai and Annie must spend all night in the bush.

Jai’s wound worsens. Next morning, the emergency services start their search, but are hampered by another emergency. Bartlett and Miles find Jai’s bag, and eventually, Annie and Jai, who’s in a bad way. Alf and Geoff hear about the kids being lost and head out to join the search. Word eventually gets through to Alf to meet them on the old fire trail to take Jai to hospital.

Nicole, Ruby and Xavier get back on the bus with Palmer and Kirsty. Once everyone is on board Trey announces that the bus is wired to blow up!

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