When Jack can’t come up with the cash to buy Darren out of The Dog, his son gives him until the end of the day or he’s putting the whole pub up for sale. Meanwhile, Tom and John Paul visit Nancy, she’s determined to get back to the village after her assessment next week. Elsewhere, Sienna panics when Martha passes comment about her bump not showing and decides to do something about it.

Will suspects Ash and Dodger have got his locket when he notes how secretive they’re being. However, Leah’s got the necklace, unaware how valuable it really is. The suspicion is eating Will up so when he sees Ash being secretive with Dodger, Leanne and Dennis he confronts her, forcing her to reveal what she’s really up to and calling the planned proposal off. Will catches up with Ash and manages to win her round again and they both propose to each other, will Ash live to regret it?

Doug is keen for Ste to know the truth, but with so much history, he wonders if it is for the best.

And, with villagers in immense danger, Jim has an idea.