Tony, Rachel and Jazz soon realise Jack wasn’t involved in Sam’s death, although Rachel worries about his mental state and suggests they take him to hospital to be sedated and kept under surveillance. Meanwhile, as Ross Buckton and McGrath consider the suspects and motives behind Sam’s murder, they conclude that more than one person was involved in the crime, leaving Martha and Jack in the frame.

Colleen’s newfound ‘Stewart’ status prompts her to come to Martha’s aid and she expresses to Detective Buckton how unhappy she is with the treatment of her great-niece. But unwittingly, Colleen lands Martha in a heap of trouble when she tells Buckton that Sam told Martha: “The only way you’ll ever get him is to kill me.”

Proud of her efforts, Colleen later tells Martha and Morag the good news. Horrified, Morag rushes to the station to persuade Ross to discredit anything Colleen said, but is she too late?

Recovering in hospital, Aden begins to get flashbacks of the accident, causing Rachel to fear he has been abused by someone. But Aden’s dad Larry won’t give anything away, leaving Aden confused and feeling he should be ashamed of something…

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday May 20*

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