Riddled with guilt after realising she unwittingly slept with one of Jack’s best mates, Ash, Martha just about manages to keep it from Jack. Later, at the bar, Ash apologises to Martha, telling her they made a mistake. Martha says they should keep their night together a secret, but Ash insists it’s better to come clean. Back at the hospital, when Jack turns to Martha for comfort, confessing he’s scared about his impending surgery, Martha tries – but fails – to tell him about Ash.

After she leaves, Ash comes to visit and, assuming Martha’s confessed all, accidentally admits that he slept with Martha. Jack’s furious, but after a few words of advice from his caring new physio Sam, soberly asks Martha if their marriage is really over. Martha admits how she really feels and the pair share a tender goodbye.

Elsewhere, in an effort to win Belle round, Amanda drops some clothes off at Irene’s but she only manages to wind her daughter up, prompting Belle to storm over to Amanda’s telling her to get out of her life. Amanda tries to get Lucas on side to win her daughter round, but when Belle learns of Amanda’s manipulative plan, she publicly rips into her mum, shaming her for sleeping with Drew. A devastated Amanda breaks down in tears.
* Screened on RTE, Monday 12th February *