Martha learns that Tony’s with Angelo

Tony has raised eyebrows by forgiving Angelo, and Angelo is grateful. They’re looking forward to going fishing tomorrow. But when Martha finds out that’s why Tony can’t help her on the farm, she’s furious. Why would he want to do anything with Angelo? Tony takes her rant in his stride, but is hurt by it.

Tony goes to confirm the trip with Angelo and finds him in the surf club with the new, attractive, relief teacher, May. It’s only when Tony leaves the club that it’s clear he isn’t happy to see Angelo enjoying himself. Does Tony have more than fishing in mind for tomorrow?

Roman’s on remand and it’s clear he won’t see his friends for a long time. Nicole is taking it very badly. Trey tries to be supportive, Miles and Kirsty have opened up their home to her, but she’s grieving for her old life. Miles is the only one who can offer consolation.

Jai and Kirsty they won’t put up with Trey hanging around, given his past. Miles finally snaps, telling them they’re being selfish and Trey seems to really care about Nicole. He’s also disappointed that no one realises what he himself has lost. Roman is Miles’ best friend. Kirsty and Jai are chastened.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday July 6*

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