As he waits for Martha to come out of surgery, Jack is still coming to terms with her decision to have a mastectomy. After the operation, Rachel tells him they still couldn’t clear all the cancer. It has spread and the best option for Martha would be to have a course of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. But Martha later turns this course of treatment down, as it could harm the baby. Jack begs her to reconsider but their conversation ends with Martha lashing out at him. Hurt, she tells Jack that he might not even be the baby’s dad, so if he can’t support her, he should leave.

After thinking about Martha’s comments, Jack suggests she involve Roman in the decision about her treatment. Martha says she has made her mind up regardless of who the baby’s father is. But, after she admits that worrying about the paternity of the baby adds to the pressure she’s under, Jack suggests they do the DNA test.

Nicole is looking forward to Elliot coming to town but Roman gets a shock when he turns up earlier than expected. Roman doesn’t trust Elliot, and suspects he may have ulterior motives in moving to the Bay.

Also, Aden lashes out at Belle when she tries to seduce him.

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