Martha, Hugo and Bambang are starting to look like a family. Bambang is having a wonderful time planting seeds and watering veggies. But Hugo is hiding his plane ticket to Indonesia from Martha, along with the promise he made to Suzy that he would go. When Hugo spots a figure in the trees, he tells Martha he thinks they’re being watched. He suspects it’s Suzy but it’s the police. Later, Martha discovers the plane ticket in a drawer…

Irene is still processing the news that Donna De Bono is free, when she hears Miles has been charged with the assault on Riley Radcliffe. Irene arrives home to discover Donna waiting for her. She says she’s sorry and needs Irene’s help, but Irene is sceptical. Geoff and Ruby tell Irene that they caught Donna drinking. But Irene is surprisingly compassionate.

Charlie and Angelo are frustrated by Donna’s release – they have to start their investigation again. While Charlie is still convinced that Donna killed Lou, Angelo is looking into other alternatives. When Irene tells them Donna is at her’s, they are wary. Why would Donna come back looking for Lou’s killer if she’s guilty? This makes Charlie accept Angelo’s theory that it’s possible Donna might not have killed Lou.

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