Martha meets Suzy…

Martha sees Hugo arguing with a woman, Suzy, but he says she’s just a disgruntled client. Things are tense between Martha and Hugo in the wake of Bambang leaving. Martha finds out that the foster home is not working out for Bambang and she has been approached to reconsider.

Martha is tempted and talks to Rachel about what she should do. Eventually Martha decides to foster Bambang despite Hugo’s opposition. Her application to temporarily foster Bambang is approved. Then the woman Suzy turns up – she claims to be Hugo’s wife.

There’s more trouble for Hugo when the salvage of the sunken boat produces an engine part that is traced to Best Fruit Imports. Angelo decides to question Hugo again about his logbooks associated with that company.

Gina is disappointed things haven’t worked out with John Palmer, although Tony and Rachel are relieved. John tries to apologise to Gina and persuades her to give him a second chance. They wind up going surfing together and their relationship is kick started again.

Geoff’s growing concern for Ruby’s health is stressing out their new romance. Geoff talks to Tony about it, while Ruby confides and unloads on Rachel. Eventually Geoff and Ruby make up and Geoff promises to try not to be so annoying.

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