Martha decides to hold a small service to commemorate the baby she tragically lost. It turns out that the tree-planting ceremony is an emotional but cathartic experience for Martha and afterwards, she feels able to talk to Jack about chemotherapy and trying for another baby.

Tony eventually passes Bridget off to Rachel as an old friend, but Rachel notices Bridget’s unimpressed attitude towards Tony and questions him. Tony eventually confesses that he slept with Bridget when he thought Rachel had left him for Hugh. Rachel is upset that he didn’t believe in her and their relationship, and angrily tells him they need some time apart.

After several rejections from Roman, Charlie decides a casual relationship means that she is also free to date other people and accepts a dinner date with Angelo. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Roman that he is at risk of losing Charlie for good if he doesn’t treat her better.

Taking this on board, Roman heads to the Surf Club for a bottle of wine to take to Charlie’s place as a surprise. But he is shocked to see Charlie looking stunning as she waits for her date at the Surf Club. Roman is left wondering if he is too late and has finally lost Charlie.

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