Martha refuses to feel ashamed

Martha is worried her campaign is getting nowhere and she is running behind, so Colleen suggests she challenge Palmer, the other candidate, to a public debate. Palmer agrees to this, much to her surprise – Martha suspects he’s got something up his sleeve. It turns out that she’s right when she sees someone has done up a poster of Martha with a photo of her from her pole-dancing days.

Martha contemplates quitting the election but Hugo persuades her not to and to continue running. Martha decides to embrace the picture and puts up a poster of her pole dancing with the slogan ‘nothing to hide’.

Charlie can’t believe Angelo’s claim that Hugo is involved in a people-smuggling ring. Angelo explains his theories about Hugo and why he thinks this but Charlie is still not convinced.

Robertson tells Hugo that he knows that Xavier is lying about Charlie’s alibi. Hugo tells Charlie this and she promises to look into it. Ross arrives to see Charlie with Morag in tow although he won’t tell her why. He meets Charlie and they have an argument. Ross tells Morag the argument is between a father and daughter but Morag wonders if it might be something else.