Martha resolves to stick by Cam

Jack is pleased when Martha confides that she’s having second thoughts about her future with Cam and his club. Later, she tells Cam she’s quitting, but a gutted Cam isn’t going to let her go that easily, and impulsively tells her he’s fallen in love with her.

Martha is left reeling by his admission, and is left to ponder how she really feels for him. Later, she realises how much she cares for him when Cam is brutally assaulted by loan sharks. Making up her mind to stand by him, she resolves to help him save the club.

With Kit and Kim clearly a lot closer since Beth’s funeral, Rachel is feeling insecure, and confides in Hugh how much she misses her husband. Meanwhile, Kim is preoccupied with how Kit is dealing with her baby and Beth’s death, and Kit admits she is finding it difficult to cope. Concerned, Kim reassures Kit that she’ll never be alone.

Despite his façade, distressed Tony is secretly finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the heavy burden of his grief, and sits alone in the dark, the night before Beth’s memorial service.

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday July 24*