Charlie, now certain of Angelo’s involvement in Jack’s death, tries to gather enough evidence to convict him. She sends Angelo a message from Tim’s phone, telling him to bring money to the wharf, or ‘he’ll’ call the cops. But the plan fails and the cops pull out. When Martha comes to her with Jack’s notebook, telling her she thinks Angelo is responsible for Jack’s death, Charlie devises another sting.

Martha doesn’t want to arouse suspicion, so stays friends with Angelo until they can arrest him. Unaware, a concerned Alf calls Angelo to come and support Martha for the funeral. As a guilt-ridden Angelo tells Martha he will be with her every step of the way, Martha desperately tries to hide her horror at being comforted by the man who murdered her husband.

Gina, Tony’s sister, arrives with her son Xavier, as preparations get under way for Jack’s funeral. Gina’s not sure their presence is making Tony feel any better. She gives Xavier money for the catering, but when Colleen offers the Diner’s services for free, Xavier pockets the money.

Ruby is thrilled when she bumps into Xavier but he’s less than friendly. Gina thinks Xavier’s kicked his drug habit, but he’s actually in possession of a large bag of dope…

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday February 10*

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