Martha wonders how to use Jack’s insurance

Martha receives a letter telling her Jack’s life insurance has come through. She feels like it’s blood money and doesn’t want to profit from Jack’s death. After agonising over it she finally talks to Alf who tells her that the money is Jack’s way of looking after her. Eventually Martha decides that the money is a good thing – she’s going to find something she really wants to do and use the money to do it.

Geoff and Nicole are having fun on the island, until Geoff accuses Nicole of only being after one thing. Nicole storms off, and somebody watches her go. Eventually Nicole returns, and the couple meet a strange man. He scares them with tales of killing people. Geoff tries to radio for help but the stranger stops him.

Trey overhears Kirsty telling Bartlett she missed her morning coffee. Trey returns with a coffee and Kirsty is thrown by his gesture. Trey goes on to tell Kirsty that he is struggling with his English text, Pride and Prejudice and when Kirsty says she loves the book, Trey asks her if she would tutor him. It’s late, and Kirsty says they’ll discuss it the next day. What are Trey’s motives behind this sudden interest in Kirsty?

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 1*

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