Jack and Martha struggle to deal with the news that Martha has breast cancer. Not only is Martha in danger, but also the baby as well. Jack convinces himself that if they fight hard enough she’ll be fine, but Martha is more realistic. With her cancer an aggressive one, she knows they need to treat it as strongly as they can. But the treatments would be harmful to the baby, and if Martha is to go ahead, she’ll have to terminate her pregnancy.

Nicole is unimpressed to learn she is grounded again. So when a handsome man named Elliot arrives looking for Roman, she invites him in to wait, although she is disappointed when Elliot shows no interest in her, despite her flirtation. Nicole ends up offering to take Elliot to The Diner to find Roman.

Elliot explains that he’s Mark Gillen’s younger brother. Unsettled Roman tells Nicole to go home. Elliot asks Roman to reveal the real story of how his brother died. It seems that Mark was a member of Roman’s unit, and he died on a mission, with Roman making the crucial decision to leave him behind.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday September 10*