Martha arrives for her first shift at the Rocket Club. But she’s disappointed when she realises that bar manager Cindy, the bar manager, clearly isn’t going to make life easy for her on the job. She feels even more uncomfortable when the stage curtains open up to reveal a number of scantily clad dancers. Things go from bad to worse when Martha is accosted by drunken sleazy customer Steve. He gives her a hard time until she snaps, and throws a drink in his face.

Having gained a new found respect from Cindy for standing up to sleazy Steve, Martha’s shift at the bar looks set to end on a higher note. However, she’s frightened to see a threatening Steve waiting for her outside. Luckily bar owner Cam turns up in time to save a shaken Martha from menacing Steve’s advances but Martha’s furious with Cam for not telling her his business is actually a strip club. Smooth Cam assures her that nothing like her experience with Steve will ever happen again, and Martha begins to accept the realities of her new job.

Also, Sally proposes to the family that her new man Brad move in with them, and everyone unanimously votes in favour.

*Screened at RTE One, Friday June 1*

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