Martha’s furious with Jack

Having taken refuge in a barn after getting stuck in a storm, Martha is given a lift back into town by a couple of teenagers. Jack is shocked to learn that she didn’t get home safely, but angry Martha refuses to listen to his excuses – he’s again put his job ahead of their relationship. Desperate to make amends, Jack talks Alf into letting him have the keys to Martha’s apartment so he can set up a special surprise for her. But Martha’s unimpressed, and throws Jack’s apology in the trash.

Worried by Archie’s fever, Kit takes him to the hospital for a check-up where she notices the tension between Rachel and Hugh. She also overhears Rachel saying she suspects Kit is overreacting about Archie yet again. Embarrassed and hurt, Kit takes Archie home before Rachel can examine him. But later that night, Archie’s condition gets worse and Kit takes him to Rachel’s house. After a brief examination, Rachel realises it’s serious and they need to get him to the hospital immediately.

Also, Sally is puzzled when Geoff tells her to mind her own business when she asks about Annie’s age. And Tony and Lucas disagree over fixing the old dinghy.