Martha can’t share Jack’s excitement about her ultrasound and arrives at the hospital early to see Rachel to discuss some tests she’s had before Jack arrives. Later, Jack and Martha are devastated to learn that Martha may have breast cancer.

Matilda decides to try one last attempt to convince Ric to go with her to Perth, but when she sees him laughing with Kirsty, seemingly unperturbed by their break up, she decides against it.

Despite having spent the night in The Diner after leaving his dad, Aden maintains to Belle that everything is OK between him and Larry. Their argument leaves Irene convinced Aden and Belle are more than just workmates and Belle admits they are a couple.

But Aden is angry when he thinks he overhears her giving Irene what sounds like an explanation that she’s just dating him out of sympathy. Belle manages to placate him, and after accepting her apology, he reveals the truth about what went on between him and Larry.

Later, Larry’s attempts to talk to Aden are rebuffed, with Aden uninterested in moving back in. He tells Larry he wants him out of his life for good, leaving him devastated.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday September 4*