Martha arrives at Summer Bay House still fuming about Sally telling Brad about her abortion. Brad tries to talk to Martha, but the discussion ends in a full-blown argument. A furious Martha tells Sally she’s moving out, packs her suitcase and heads for the Diner apartment, leaving Sally upset.

Later, Cam tells Sally that Martha was feeling trapped living with the family. Feeling guilty, Sally fills Jack in on Martha’s move and he decides to go to the apartment to talk to Martha. But Cam turns up in the middle of their chat and is shocked to learn that Martha has an ex-husband.

Martha refuses to discuss Ash, the pregnancy or the abortion with Cam, who tries to ease the tension by suggesting Martha throw a house warming party. But as the party hots up, Colleen becomes agitated by the guests traipsing through the Diner to get upstairs. Martha gets increasingly drunk and dances seductively for Cam who notices what a good dancer Martha is.

Growingly concerned about his ex-wife, Jack is called out to Martha’s party when he receives a noise disturbance call, and worries when she drunkenly answers the door. Next morning, Colleen and Leah are shocked to find The Diner totally trashed.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday June 8*

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