Martha and Jack decide to go ahead to test her unborn baby’s paternity, but keep Roman in the dark. But the paternity of the baby isn’t the only thing bothering Martha. After her operation she worries about how her chest looks and is certainly not ready for Jack to see it.

Belle is left hurt and confused after being rejected by Aden just as they were getting passionate. But when Nicole tells her that Aden also ran a mile when she tried it on with him, Belle decides Aden must be a virgin and doesn’t want people to know.

When she confronts him, he is evasive and tells her she should accept that he doesn’t want to see her any more, not wanting to tell her the real reason – that he was abused by his grandfather. Oblivious Belle is left heartbroken.

Roman is unhappy at Elliot and Nicole’s relationship and is sceptical as to why Elliot has moved to Summer Bay. Nervous of his intentions, Roman decides to ask Charlie to run some background checks on him. Charlie feels uncomfortable with Roman’s request, as she was hoping to see more of him in a personal capacity rather than a professional one.

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