Carmel is confronted by the stallholders when rumours go round about the market being moved to a new location. Although Carmel tries to calm things down, everyone is furious. Outraged by the move plans, Martin calls for everyone to go on strike. Worried about losing money, the other stallholders refuse to give him any support. Martin has a row with Stacey about his decision, then comes to blows with Carmel over his idea to strike.

Meanwhile, Denise is downstairs on a double decker bus. Bex, Louise, Shakil, Keegan and some other kids are on the upper deck. When the driver collapses over the wheel, Denise desperately tries to revive him, but the bus swerves into the market on Bridge Street. The traders are all gathered listening to Martin making an impassioned plea about getting together to save the market from being moved to a new location. The bus ploughs into the market and the crowd, and crashes into the train bridge, where it gets stuck

Billy and Jay are on their way to collect a body, but they get stuck in traffic. The unexpected stop gives them time to talk and the pair have a heart-to-heart about their lives and love lives. Billy insists Jay can have a life again after Star, sad when Jay thinks he can never have a relationship again.

Kim is angry when she hears Emerald asking Vincent to talk to her about her behaviour towards Denise. When Kim throws Emerald out, she’s forced to move in with Denise.

Also, Tina convinces Shirley to go into town with her and Sylvie for a ‘free’ photoshoot.