Martin tries to get Stacey out of the hospital, but when they can’t find a way out Stacey tells Martin to stop. Insisting her family would be better off without her, Stacey returns to the ward. Back in the Square, Martin is overjoyed when he gets a call to say Stacey has got into a mother and baby unit. An overwhelmed Martin breaks down and is comforted by Sonia, Tina and Bex.

At the hospital, Stacey is holding a letter she has written to Martin, explaining everything. After some supportive words from the doctor, Stacey decides against posting it. When Martin arrives to tell Stacey she’s got a place on a mother and baby ward, Stacey worries about coping. On Martin’s way out, a nurse hands him the letter from Stacey, assuming he’d dropped it. Later that evening, Martin opens the letter and is devastated to read Stacey’s confession that Arthur isn’t his son…

Kush is struggling to carry on as normal with his life falling apart around him. Drinking in The Albert, Kush is given food for thought when Sharon comments that Martin is a strong man. Realising he needs to pull himself together, Kush decides to knock the drinking on the head.

Also, Sharon signs the divorce papers.