Martin tells Stacey and Kyle about his dodgy job with Andy. Although Stacey is completely unimpressed with the plan, she finds herself being roped in to help out. While Jack is in the pub, Stacey agrees to keep an eye on him as Andy, Kyle and Martin steal the toilets.

Ronnie doesn’t believe Glenda is telling her the whole truth about Roxy. Irritated by Ronnie’s lack of trust, Glenda vows to be part of her daughter’s life again. When a man arrives looking for Roxy, telling the family that Roxy has something that belongs to him, Ronnie has to see him off. After he makes a threat that Ronnie can’t ignore, she tells Glenda that she’ll find Roxy.

Pam is suspicious of Les’s shifty behaviour, stunned when he confesses that he’s being blackmailed for money by someone who knows about ‘Christine’. When Les can’t work out who his blackmailer is, Pam suggests it must be Claudette. Knowing it wouldn’t be Claudette, Les suggests that the only thing to do is to be open about Christine in a bid to stop the blackmail. Horrified, Pam refuses to let the secret out.

Later, a smug Babe receives her first payment from Les…