Martin hears Pauline’s last words

Martin notices a missed call from Pauline on his mobile, but he’s too distraught to listen to the message. Sonia panics when Martin tells her about the call and does her best to put him off listening to it.

Martin is in denial about his mum and he heads over to her house and manically sorts through her belongings. Dot convinces Martin to listen to the mobile message and Martin collapses in sobs as he hears Pauline apologising for her bad behaviour and begging him to let her stay in Walford.

Max eyes Stacey warily as she catches his eye from the stall. Stacey is angry when she sees Max sharing a friendly drink with Bradley. Preeti lets slip that Tanya and Max are organising a drinks party. Stacey plays the innocent as she asks Tanya for an invite and Max is uncomfortable.

Darren heads to the shop and buys some condoms from Yolande then sets about cleaning up the house and sorting out his bedroom. Li turns up for her ‘lunch’ with Mickey to find only Darren, who makes it clear that he wants to take her to bed. Mickey and Keith get home from the pub to find Darren in the bedroom – tied to the bed with ‘loser’ written on his head!

Also, Stella moves into the Vic and makes an effort to make friends with Ben.