A huge fireball from the gas explosion engulfs the Square. In the chaos that follows, the residents desperately search for their friends and family. Martin is horrified to realise that Stacey is missing and goes on the hunt for her, while Bex helps out an injured Mr Pryce. There are also fears for Phil, who was near the site of the explosion.

Meanwhile, Max is panicking that his plan will be derailed now that Jane knows what he’s up to. Playing mind games with Steven, Max tells him that he needs to sort out Jane once and for all. Pushed to the edge, Steven torches Beales restaurant…

Ted is in a state after the explosion, as it’s brought back some bad memories. Despite Joyce’s efforts to calm him down, he retrieves the gun for protection. Things soon take a terrible turn, however, when someone arrives to check on them and Ted pulls the trigger! Who has been hurt?

Also, Linda confesses to Jack the big secret she’s been hiding from Mick.