Martin Fowler has a shock confession for wife Stacey!

Martin regrets a hasty decision that he's made and in a panic he confronts wife Stacey in a bid to make things right with her.

In a special Wednesday night episode of EastEnders, Martin tells Sonia that he’s emailed his solicitor about a divorce. When Stacey turns up at the house and apologises, however, Martin has a change of heart as they come to an agreement over the kids. Horrified when he realises that an email about his intention to start divorce proceedings has already gone to Stacey, he rushes round to delete it. Stacey catches him in the act and Martin is forced to apologise, saying he doesn’t want to involve lawyers. Martin is hopeful that Stacey is okay him and he shares the news with Bex.

Vincent is determined to throw a birthday party for Pearl but his mind is elsewhere as Aidan has warned him he’s got until tomorrow to get the money. While Vincent is on a mission to sell The Albert, Kim finds out that Vincent has missed the latest payment on the mortgage. Kim confronts Vincent, who lies, insisting they’ll have the money from her ring soon and everything will be fine. A stressed out Vincent leaves a note for Kim and leaves – is he going to abandon her and Pearl?

Tina is upset when she finds out that Zsa Zsa asked Shirley to look after her pregnant mate Georgi, not wanting Tina to get involved. Desperate to help, Tina has a heart-to-heart with Georgi and learns she’s fallen out with her mum. Tina takes Georgi’s phone to call her mum and tell her where Georgi is staying. When Georgi finds out she is horrified…