Martin is shocked by Stacey’s return to the Square!

Stacey makes a surprise return to the Square with the children but things are far from resolved between her and hubby Martin!

Martin is stunned when Stacey returns home with the kids and makes it clear she wants to get back to normal. Avoiding the inevitable, Stacey wants some time to think about her next move. After a helpful chat with Ted, Stacey returns home to talk. Martin, however, accuses her of meeting up with Max. As a huge row erupts, Stacey snaps and slaps Martin, who then throws her out of the house. With their falling out now public, Martin tells Stacey that she’s not having the children – or the house!

Phil realises that Ben might be behind the missing money, as everyone tries to work out where the loot has gone. Mick’s in a panic as he only has a few days left to pay Fi the money for The Vic. Phil finds Vincent, Billy, Aidan, Mick and Keanu waiting for him at home. Mick lays into Aidan, accusing him of taking the money for himself. When Billy reveals to Phil that Mel is back he’s worried about Ben, realising that she’s after the money. Later, Mick reassures the Carters that he’ll have the money for Fi by the end of the week…

Tiffany tries to play matchmaker with Whitney and plans to set her up on a lunch date with Halfway. Meanwhile, Johnny tells the Carters that he’s been offered a job – away from London.