Martin is desperate in the wake of Sonia’s disappearance with Rebecca and he demands some answers from Phil, who fobs him off. Phil leaves Stella to look after Ben, but she’s frantic when he goes missing and Phil immediately suspects foul play. Phil storms over to the Fowlers but he’s stopped in his tracks when Martin calls him on his mobile and tells him that he’s kidnapped Ben and he has him at the railway bridge…

Carly is still angry with Shirley’s presence in the house, but Kevin tries to make the peace and insists that Deano needs her. Kevin picks Deano up from hospital and both Shirley and Carly compete to make Deano feel comfortable. Shirley is tired of the constant clashes with Carly and Deano and tells Kevin that she’s going to move on.

Max is still distracted by teen temptress Stacey, but he fights his attraction to concentrate on his family. Tanya talks to Max about Abi’s upcoming school play and Max tries to drum up support to come and see it. Stacey teases Max about his family man act, but he insists that he’s realised what’s important in his life.

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