Martin Fowler accuses wife Stacey of taking the kids away!

When Martin finds out Stacey’s getting into a cab with the children he’s seriously worried about what she’s up to and why they are leaving the Square.

Stacey and Martin are still at each other’s throats over the children. Michelle is concerned that relations have broken down so much that Martin will get a lawyer involved. When Michelle sees Stacey getting into a cab with the kids, she panics Stacey’s doing a runner. Martin thinks Stacey’s taking the kids to see Jean in Brighton and the pair have a huge showdown. Can they cool things down for the sake of the kids?

Mariam and Arshad are feeling sad as they prepare to say goodbye to Daisy. Her adoptive parents Dan and Ashley arrive to collect her. They soon put all Mariam’s fears to rest, as she’s touched by their caring towards the little girl. After waving off Daisy, Mariam and Arshad consider their future as foster carers. Will Daisy be their last child?