Martin’s been gazumped in EastEnders!

Martin is gutted when he discovers that Carmel has made things difficult for them.

The Fowler household is increasingly tense after the discovery that the house has been rented out from under them. When Martin learns that the Kazemis have taken it on, he is steaming! Confronting Kush, Martin soon realises that Kush knows nothing about the rental agreement, as it’s all down to Carmel.

Will Kush and Martin manage to talk round Carmel for Arthur’s sake?

Pam heads off to talk to Paul’s killers, but gets a knockback when she’s told she can’t see them. Returning home, Pam is grateful when Honey has an idea about how to help. But is it strictly going by the book?

Kim forces Vincent to give her a driving lesson. But things haven’t gone to plan and Kim’s upset when Vincent shares his woes with Donna and Roxy over the lesson!