Mary admits she needs help

Having learned the truth about Mary’s dark past, Harold and Janelle create a diversion to allow frantic Sky to sneak inside her riot-torn block to get to baby Kerry. But Sky panics when she can find no sign of her daughter and fears Mary may have hurt her. Sky’s relieved when Mary turns up with baby Kerry having hidden her from psychotic cellmate Krystal. Mary admits she needs help to deal with her breakdown and Sky hands baby Kerry back to Harold, with a renewed determination to fight for her freedom.

Remembering her murderous deed, Charlotte flees the General store. Boyd mistakenly thinks it’s due to the unfriendly response she received and warns everyone to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Karl has doubts about Charlotte’s ability as a doctor and tries, but fails, to trip her up on her medical knowledge. But when Karl receives some unexpected news from an old friend, Charlotte’s lies begin to tumble around her. Later, Boyd begins to have his own doubts about Charlotte when she makes a medical blunder.

Also, Rosie tells a surprised Frazer that she wants them both to make peace with their parents before they marry. And Janae wallows in self-pity after hearing about Boyd’s new relationship.