Mary gets Pepper right where she wants her

Locked up Pepper tries to escape from Mary’s clutches, but her attempts only serve to further antagonise her captor. Determined to make Pepper see the consequences of her past actions, Mary ties Pepper to a chair and sends covering text messages to Pepper’s pals from her mobile phone. Pepper finds her phone and tries to alert Rosie to her plight, before Mary catches her in the act. It seems Pepper is in severe strife…

With Frazer struggling to accept his new life and accept what he’s lost following his accident, Rosie tries to make her boyfriend see that things aren’t all bad. She decides to try to rekindle Frazer’s gambling passion, and is delighted when the plan works, with the couple sharing a passionate kiss. Scared he’ll be unable to fulfil all of Rosie’s physical needs, Fraser backs off. But Rosie insists he’s the only man she wants.

Susan reluctantly joins a delighted Tom at the Year 10 school camp, making Zeke and Rachel deeply wary. Susan is determined to keep her distance from Tom, but when a Ringo practical joke forces a change in sleeping arrangements, Susan’s forced to share a tent with Tom, but will she give into temptation?