Mary is saved by Pepper

Pepper saves Mary from the fire before watching her being carted off to jail. But although it seems that she has come through the worst, Pepper starts having frightening hallucinations about Mary and the creepy baby room every time she’s alone. Putting a brave face on, Pepper pretends she’s just been on a holiday, but Rosie suspects there’s more to it than meets the eye.

While Rachel and Zeke worry about Karl, who’s clearly troubled by Susan’s absence, Karl himself starts jumping to conclusions when he discovers that Susan is not with Lyn, and rival Tom has mysteriously taken the day off. Assuming Susan is ensconced in Tom’s hotel room, Karl barges in and acts like a fool, only proving to Tom just how much he doesn’t deserve Susan.

Over at Erinsborough High, the teenagers have been presented with ‘egg babies’ to look after. Rachel is paired with Ringo, while Zeke is struggling to avoid being alone with Lolly, due to his growing crush on her.

Also, Steph struggles to deal with Toadie’s habit of walking around the house in the nude. Initially, Toadie jokes about Steph’s reluctance to get her clothes off too, but soon realises she is finding it difficult to accept her body following her operations.