Mary and Joseph: new couple Chas and Paddy play the part

Rhona watches on with envy as Chas and Paddy play Mary and Joseph in Leo's school play

At Leo’s school, Rhona watches on from the sidelines. But she’s not cooing over her son’s stage presence. No. She’s seething with envy at Paddy who’s on stage with his new ladylove Chas, as they play at being Mary and Joseph.

David’s walking in an emotional tightrope, too. With Tracy having overheard Leyla telling the shopkeeper how she feels about him, David’s trying to reassure his wife that he’s only interested in her…

The Barton boys have yet to lay Emma to rest but it’s a bit tricky at the moment what with her death being an unsolved murder ‘n’ all. But there’s another problem too. Pete doesn’t want his mum to have a funeral.

[Second episode of evening]