Mary saves Sky from evil Krystal

Sky attempts to stand up to Krystal but realises she’s no match for the prison bully. However, she’s stunned when Mary intervenes on her behalf and teaches Krystal a painful lesson, prompting her to promise to stay out of Sky’s way. Now feeling safer, Sky reconsiders having Kerry come visit her in prison, and Mary gets a step closer to having the family she’s always dreamed of.

With hardly any customers since Terrence’s murder, Lou is seriously concerned about the future of the General Store. Harold remains optimistic, but when Lou blames petty theft for a missing sugar dispenser, little does he realise he’s just dismissed a vital clue in proving Sky’s innocence.

Janae is still annoyed with Ned for not letting her box, but when she collapses with mild concussion, he plays the hero – whisking her off to hospital. He finally agrees to train Janae, as long as Janelle agrees. But Janae doesn’t bother asking her mum’s permission, and Janelle is furious when she catches them training. Ned plays peacemaker, and ends up winning Janelle over by promising to look after her daughter.

Also, Ringo and Zeke research teenage girl magazines in an attempt to be the perfect boyfriends, but will they win Rachel and Lolly over?