Mason decides it’s best if he and Imogen call things off, but Imogen has other ideas and the duo soon begins a secret relationship.

Mason returns home and the Turners are relieved. But Matt fears that even if the police don’t lay charges, Brad will file a lawsuit, so he asks Toadie to represent Mason should anything happen. When Brad finds out that Toadie has agreed, he hits the roof and accuses Toadie of taking sides. The Turners’ fears come true when Mason is served papers. He’s being sued.

Susan’s angry with Kate for the incident with Bailey and for her behaviour over the last few days – she sends Kate home for some time off. Paul’s delighted to have Kate at home and assures her to take all the time out she needs.

But eventually Kate realises she’s been selfish and confides her feelings in Susan. Susan gives her some much-needed tough love and Kate realises she needs to sort herself out.