Mason and Kate kiss

Mason’s pleased when Kate accepts his criminal past and then asks him out on a date. But Kate’s furious when she learns Paul threatened Mason. She confronts her uncle, ordering him to stay quiet about Mason’s past. But Mason feels the burden of his own dishonesty – he hasn’t told anyone about the Lassiters robbery. After inadvertent advice from Sonya, he feels reassured to maintain his lie, and when Bailey asks if he was involved in the robbery, he denies it. Mason joins Kate for their date, burying his guilt as they kiss.

The day of Lucas’s testicular cancer surgery arrives. He shuts Vanessa out, instead bonding with Steph over their shared experiences of facing cancer. It’s Steph who reassures Vanessa that Lucas values her support. Impressed by how supportive Steph’s being Karl invites her to live at the Kennedy House.

Lucas comes through his surgery without complications, however after a conversation with his surgeon, Vanessa is gutted to realise that Lucas invited Steph to his pre-op appointment and she knew about the cancer before she did.

When Matt learns Sonya’s memory of the wedding day has supposedly returned, he’s keen to get a statement from her about the robbery. But he soon realises she’s lying. Sonya confesses the truth to disappointed Toadie but he quickly forgives her.