Mason and Rhiannon commit to a relationship

Mason distances himself from Rhiannon but admits he’s worried things might be moving too fast. Reading this as rejection, Rhiannon backs off. Mason instantly regrets his decision and, after encouragement from Kate, pleads with Rhiannon for another chance. His honesty wins her over and the two commit to making the relationship work, but it’s clear that they both still have their doubts.

Josh’s scan results are clear of any fractures and he can get back to full training. Buoyed by what this might mean for Chris, Kate rushes to tell him, only to find Chris at home, having completely given up on himself.

Brad and Joshua agree to cut Chris some slack but only if he apologises, but Chris refuses. Out of options, Kate realises there’s only one last, desperate thing she can do to help Chris.

After hitting yet another brick wall with Paul over money, Terese is at her wit’s end. Even when Paul is preoccupied trying to have his criminal convictions quashed, he still refuses to let her do her job. Feeling frustrated, Terese confronts him and is surprised by Paul’s apparent backflip when he apologises and promises to respect her position in the company. What Terese doesn’t realise is that, despite the setback, Paul is still determined to improve his public profile.