As Beth struggles to breathe, a panicked Mason gets into the driver’s seat and starts racing to hospital even though he shouldn’t be driving yet. Mason starts to have flashbacks of his accident and almost crashes the car before pulling over just as Justin and Tori arrive. Tori immediately sets to work on helping Beth and gets her settled into an ambulance, telling her brother to go home and rest up or he’ll end up in hospital too.

Mason is stressed at home thinking about Beth, but is stunned when she suddenly shows up and assures him she’s feeling much better. Mason tells her he thinks they should slow things down but she insists that he makes her happy and that means more to her than anything else.

Brody, Justin and Tori come home to meet Beth where their brother introduces her as his girlfriend. Tori’s worried that Mason has fallen for Beth in a big way, and with no chance of Beth recovering, he’s headed for certain heartache…