An investigation into the death of Robbo’s partner begins, leaving him shaken. Neighbours start to appear and recognise Robbo, but they say they haven’t seen him in months. After a series of tests, Rose, Robbo’s partner, slipped into a diabetic coma and died. Robbo struggles to come to terms with the news, but Kat encourages him to find out his identity. Will he want to know about his past life after such a terrible shock?

Meanwhile, Mason is livid after discovering that Beth is a patient. When Marilyn, John and Raffy visit Mason, they advise him to talk to Beth and find out her reasons. Mason takes their advice and Beth reveals that she’s dying after waiting for a heart transplant for the last five years. Mason begins to apologise and, as they talk, emotions run high and Beth leaves. Will Mason ever see her again?

Also, Maggie starts to notice that Coco goes to the toilet after meals. Concerned that she has an infection, she confronts Coco who tries her best to deflect the conversation. At school, Jennifer continues to tease Coco, will the girls end up in another fight? Later, VJ and Hunter take Raffy and Coco to lunch, but Jennifer decides to gatecrash…