At the hospital, Mason is frustrated by his slow progress. Justin tries to encourage Mason to take things easy, but Mason is determined to get his health back and says he just has to push his body. Later, Mason decides to get himself out of bed and stand without support, but falls to the floor. Has Mason pushed his progress back even further?

Meanwhile, Scarlett is furious after catching Justin in the act with Felicity. Alone in her caravan, Scarlett breaks down and feels broken hearted. The next day, when Scarlett sees Justin she gives him the cold shoulder over his night with Felicity. Justin’s annoyed by Scarlett and reminds her that she just wanted to be friends. Will these two ever make it work?

Also, Maggie notices Coco’s new interest in exercising and buys her daughter a pair of trainers to encourage her new hobby. Maggie’s attention soon turns to school when a teacher calls in sick. Maggie asks Roo to cover the class, but things turn into a disaster when Roo pairs Coco and Jennifer together. Jennifer makes Coco do all the work and constantly puts her down. At lunch, Coco is pushed to the edge and she and Jennifer get into a full-blown fight!