Mason goes after a young thief

There’s a thief at Throckton Grange. While Lady Veronique’s back is turned, a young girl called Natalie sneaks in and steals some money. Natalie enters the village shop to buy a loaf of bread, but runs out with the bread when she overhears Mrs Higgins refuse to serve a customer because he is “a gypsy”. As Geoff and Mason give chase, Natalie collapses from exhaustion.

At the dispensary, Carol says Natalie has low blood pressure and is seriously underweight. Mason soon discovers that she is also terrified of Wilson, the manservant who works for Lady Veronique – but why? Back at the police station, Natalie learns that no-one will be pressing charges against her for the bread incident.

Meanwhile, an embarrassed Geoff makes himself look silly in the village shop when he has a sneezing fit in front of the store’s new employee, Lucy, who he fancies. Lucy praises Geoff’s bravery, and he has another sneezing fit. Wetherby suggests writing to the local agony aunt for advice on Geoff’s nervous sneezes.

Unbeknown to them, the ‘Dear Daphne’ column has just been taken over by David. Will Don’s plan backfire?