With his emotions running high, Mason does his best to stabilise Beth. Tori sees that he’s in no fit state and takes over. Mason waits outside the hospital room, when Beth’s parents arrive. They instantly blame Mason for Beth’s health turn. Mason manages to get back into the hospital room and is devastated to hear Tori pronounce that Beth is dead.

As he leaves the room, Brendan says he’ll donate his wife’s heart to Beth. Mason runs into the treatment room and desperately tries to revive her by violently pumping her chest to the horror of Beth’s parents and Tori. Justin drags Mason away and he runs off to the beach, where he breaks down where they had lunch. Will Mason pull himself together to say his final goodbyes and will there be further consequences to his actions at the hospital?

Meanwhile, Irene, Leah, Ash and VJ are enjoying dinner when Mick calls. When Irene finds out that Mick is out on parole, Irene asks everyone to stay calm and she arranges to meet Mick. That afternoon, Irene meets Mick’s caseworker and is stunned when she sees that Mick’s been beaten up. Will Irene help her son?

Also, Coco is back home recovering, while Maggie starts to worry about Ziggy’s disappearance. Coco overhears her parents’ concern and secretly phones Ziggy to come back home. Will Ziggy come back – and will the ongoing tension affect Coco’s recovery?