Mason learns of Kate’s infertility

Kate struggles to come to terms with her diagnosis of premature ovarian failure, and the reality that she may never have children of her own. She comes clean with Chris and Kyle. When Mason overhears a conversation between Lauren and Matt, he draws the conclusion that Kate’s big secret is that she’s pregnant.

Mason cryptically reassures Kate that despite their age, they will make it work. Realising Mason has misunderstood, Kate is forced to tell Mason of her infertility. Mason is supportive until he realises he is the last to learn of Kate’s problems. Kate can’t explain, leaving Mason uncertain about how much he actually means to her.

Vanessa and Lucas reel following the discovery that they are expecting another baby. Vanessa initially hides her pregnancy from Lauren, knowing how desperate Lauren is to have another child. But Lauren sees straight through Vanessa’s denial. When Lucas tells Vanessa that they have no choice but to accept Paul’s dismal offer for the purchase of the Turner house, Vanessa is forced to come clean to Lauren.

Also, Lauren is thrilled for Vanessa, although the news that the Turners will have to find somewhere else to live means her own baby plans will almost definitely have to be put on hold.