Mason learns the breakdown was his fault

Frustrated by his inability to fix the car, Mason focuses his anger on Robbo. Lauren and Bailey are quick to believe Robbo’s the culprit, but Amber’s not so sure. Mason has a go at Robbo for sabotaging the car, but Robbo calmly dismisses his accusations. Then Lucas reveals the breakdown was due to Mason’s own error.

Kate chooses to keep Mason at arms length so he gives his girlfriend all the space she needs – without telling her he’s just spent the night discussing their relationship with Imogen. Georgia finally coaxes the truth from her best friend and gives her hope that one day she might be able to have children.

Toadie does his best to reassure Sonya that Robbo’s no longer a threat. Sonya lets herself relax – until another run-in with Robbo leaves her feeling vulnerable. Later, Sonya tells Lucas that Toadie isn’t enough to make her feel safe. Sonya wills herself to take a stroll outside but when she turns her back for a second, Nell disappears.

Frustrated when her desperate calls for help go unanswered, Imogen is disappointed to learn Brad took a work call during date night but her mother ignored hers. Feeling guilty, Brad presents her with a car phone charger and Imogen reluctantly forgives her parents.